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My name is Tanja Lippert. I am a 100% film shooter dedicated to the art of film photography. I love film! I love it so much, it almost hurts. I believe film is the #1 reason that my business as a photographer has thrived. I wanted to create this blog as a resource to photographers all over the world who love film like me. I wanted to create a place where photographers who love film and would like to see it STAY ALIVE forever could come and gain useful information relating to film and all the lovely things it offers. I also wanted to create an online resource that would INSPIRE and encourage photographers who have forgotten about film or only use it sparingly might be inspired to run out and buy a few rolls, who knows maybe one day put down there shiny new digital cameras, dust off their Rollei and get back to work!!! :0)

Sep 10, 2012


Last winter, Tia Reagan, Ryan Muirhead and myself along with the [F]ramed crew got together to create a show that is very near and dear to my heart called FILM.... Film Season 1 was 16 episodes of shenanigans, growth, inspiration and learning and if you have not watched it yet, you are truly missing out!  We have the opportunity to bring the FILM show back for Season 2, but we need your help (that means everyone's).....As little as a $5 donation will help us bring the FILM show back for a second season..... please click on the image below and check it out....we need your help!!!! Or click {HERE}.

Sep 4, 2012

kodak features my favorite film!

What an honor to have Kodak ask me to submit images to them to feature on their site!  What a bigger honor to actually be chosen!  Thank you so much, Kodak for featuring a recent fashion shoot with on of my favorite models, Avery Tharp who is rep'd by Scout Talent Agency in San Francisco.  Hair and makeup by the fabulous Tia Reagan. To view the feature, click {HERE}.  Kodak BW400CN film is actually my all time favorite black and white film and I have shot it more than any other film to date (for BW).  

Jul 5, 2012

Registration Open For New Orleans Workshop 2012

Don't miss out on our first ever WEEK LONG WORKSHOP! This one will be EPIC!!! Check out our {WORKSHOP} page for more info and pricing!  Accommodations & most meals will be Included!

Jun 8, 2012

Film Show

In March, Ryan Muirhead, Tia Reagan and I flew into Idaho to film 16 episodes of a show called FILM with the amazing crew at [FRAMED] Network.  We were asked to be the hosts of the show.  This was an amazing, life changing experience for us all and I wanted to share the show here on my blog.  We are mid season right now, but a new one comes out every Friday.  If you are a photographer, there are tons of nuggets of information, it's very entertaining and Ryan never looked better in a dress!!! Even if you are not a photographer, I think you will find the show entertaining and inspiring!!! Check it out FILM on the FRAMED NETWORK!!! {click here} to see the show!

Aug 8, 2011

you ready to UP your game?

Photographers, it's not too late to sign up!!! The T&T Dynamite Duo have two AWESOME workshops lined up for next week and there are still a few spots open each day!!!  Join us for  a little (ok, maybe a LOT) of "dork energy" and a TON of amazing  ideas, information and inspiration that will help you UP your game!!!!  woo-hoo!!! Register for both workshops and save $100!!! 


A VERY COOL 3/4 day workshop.
Learn to see the LIGHT! Bring your walking shoes and a smile. Tanja and Tia are going to share their expertise and passion for the use of raw, natural light! We are going to show you how to make the most out of any lighting situation WITHOUT the use of on or off camera flash. You will learn how and why we LOVE shooting at all times of the day, even HIGH NOON! We will help you develop your eye for scouring out the best possible light at any time of day. The sun is our friend! 

Genesis 1:3 And God said, "Let there be LIGHT."


Cost: Holy Cow, it's only $595
Past Attendees: $495*
Group Size: Up to 20 attendees


A FULL DAY boudoir or as T&T like to call them "BOODIE-WAH" workshop!
The ART of beautiful BOUDOIR photography is not always easy!  There is a "FINE LINE" between being sensual and sexy and being "overtly sexy" and sometimes "cheesy"Boudoir Photography is one of the more challenging genres.  All too many times it goes "oh so wrong" in so many ways. Lighting, hair, makeup, ward-robing, posing, angles and post production are all so essential to beautiful boudoir photography.  This workshop will focus on all of the above and more!  "The Fine Line" boudoir workshop with T&T will force you to UP your game when it comes to creating beautiful, sensual, meaningful boudoir photographs.

 Cost:  $995 (includes lunch)
Past Attendees:  $895*
Group Size: Up to 12 attendees
Thursday August 18th, 2011


Jul 26, 2011


 I've officially been [FRAMED].  What an honor it is for the [FRAMED] show to ask to feature me on their show.  If you have not checked it out, the [FRAMED] show is an AMAZING resource for photographers to share and learn and be inspired!!!  In this episode, Tia and I share our passion for shooting weddings on FILM!!!! What a huge blessing and honor to be featured and I wanted to say a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to Melissa Niu and the whole [FRAMED] crew, you guys were a blast to work with and every one of you so sweet and humble and brilliant!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE.  To View the whole [FRAMED] show post click {HERE}.  This is also a great video clip to watch for brides who want to see some behind the scenes footage my team photographing a wedding.  So much fun!!!  Also a special thank you to {KODAK} and {RICHARD PHOTO LAB} for sponsoring me, what an amazing experience!

Jun 10, 2011


T&T have officially posted AUGUST workshop dates!! Yahoo!!!! For the this round, we have both {LIGHTWALK} the on Tues, AUGUST 16th 2011 and {THE FINE LINE} Boudior Workshop offered on the Thursday, AUGUST 18th, 2011.