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My name is Tanja Lippert. I am a 100% film shooter dedicated to the art of film photography. I love film! I love it so much, it almost hurts. I believe film is the #1 reason that my business as a photographer has thrived. I wanted to create this blog as a resource to photographers all over the world who love film like me. I wanted to create a place where photographers who love film and would like to see it STAY ALIVE forever could come and gain useful information relating to film and all the lovely things it offers. I also wanted to create an online resource that would INSPIRE and encourage photographers who have forgotten about film or only use it sparingly might be inspired to run out and buy a few rolls, who knows maybe one day put down there shiny new digital cameras, dust off their Rollei and get back to work!!! :0)

Jul 26, 2011


 I've officially been [FRAMED].  What an honor it is for the [FRAMED] show to ask to feature me on their show.  If you have not checked it out, the [FRAMED] show is an AMAZING resource for photographers to share and learn and be inspired!!!  In this episode, Tia and I share our passion for shooting weddings on FILM!!!! What a huge blessing and honor to be featured and I wanted to say a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to Melissa Niu and the whole [FRAMED] crew, you guys were a blast to work with and every one of you so sweet and humble and brilliant!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE.  To View the whole [FRAMED] show post click {HERE}.  This is also a great video clip to watch for brides who want to see some behind the scenes footage my team photographing a wedding.  So much fun!!!  Also a special thank you to {KODAK} and {RICHARD PHOTO LAB} for sponsoring me, what an amazing experience!

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  1. hello Tanja:)
    Just writing to let you know that this Framed episode with you and Tia has made a major difference in some changes I'm going to make with my photography business in 2012. I have been a digital wedding and portrait photographer for three years now and have only occasionally been fully satisfied with the look of the work I'm producing. For equally as long time I have been a huge admirerer of the work of Jose Villa, Elizabeth Messina, Lisa Lefkowitz and yours. I have now decided to buy a Contax and incorporate film photography in my business for the 'controlled' parts of the wedding day. I hope to finally be able to produce work and art that reflects my own creative eye and my personal esthetics. Thankyou so much for doing such inspirational work. Merry Christmas :)