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My name is Tanja Lippert. I am a 100% film shooter dedicated to the art of film photography. I love film! I love it so much, it almost hurts. I believe film is the #1 reason that my business as a photographer has thrived. I wanted to create this blog as a resource to photographers all over the world who love film like me. I wanted to create a place where photographers who love film and would like to see it STAY ALIVE forever could come and gain useful information relating to film and all the lovely things it offers. I also wanted to create an online resource that would INSPIRE and encourage photographers who have forgotten about film or only use it sparingly might be inspired to run out and buy a few rolls, who knows maybe one day put down there shiny new digital cameras, dust off their Rollei and get back to work!!! :0)

Sep 4, 2012

kodak features my favorite film!

What an honor to have Kodak ask me to submit images to them to feature on their site!  What a bigger honor to actually be chosen!  Thank you so much, Kodak for featuring a recent fashion shoot with on of my favorite models, Avery Tharp who is rep'd by Scout Talent Agency in San Francisco.  Hair and makeup by the fabulous Tia Reagan. To view the feature, click {HERE}.  Kodak BW400CN film is actually my all time favorite black and white film and I have shot it more than any other film to date (for BW).  

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  1. Hello Tanja! I was not aware that I'm following your blog until I saw your latest update on my Blogs I'm Following feed.

    Anyway, I picked up my mom's film camera (a Canon BF-80 Compact Camera) last year and felt like using it again. I got addicted to it and now I'm shooting with film again! Hee. There were Kodak film rolls on sale earlier this year and one of the films I chose was your favorite, Kodak BW400CN film. I still haven't used it bc it's the only black and white film that I have. I'm saving it for a special occasion, or I don't know.

    Anyway, I talked too much! ^^; I'm going to look through your blog. Have a great day!